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GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp Application that comes with the extra features and customization options that attract users, it is being used by thousands of users around the world. You can download the official version of GB WhatsApp from this site.

GBWhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version July 2023

GBWhatsApp Download APK: In today’s life, WhatsApp become a permanent part of our life and we can not live without using WhatsApp in today’s world. This application became the main mode of communication with your family, friends and loved ones.

But WhatsApp has some limited features and we always think that it will be good if we can do this on WhatsApp or do that with WhatsApp, such as people send message and delete it and we can not read them any more… We always think that there should be a feature to find what that message was about. This is where GB WhatsApp comes into the picture.

Some developers have come together and added some additional and useful features to the official WhatsApp and created other applications such as GB WhatsApp, FM Whatsapp and many more such unofficial applications available on the internet to replace official WhatsApp.

Users started using these applications just to get all the additional features that the official WhatsApp application missed. If you are looking for GB WhatsApp Download links then you came to the right page where we will be sharing the 100% working links to download and install the GB WhatsApp APK file…

What is GB WhatsApp APK?

gb whatsapp download apk

GB WhatsApp is a unofficial version of WhatsApp Application but this version comes with many additional features which are not available in the official WhatsApp application.

There are many such applications available on the internet which has the same motive, they are here to provide additional features that are not available in WhatsApp’s official version. GB Whatsapp has been removed from the Google Play Store because it is not a legal application but still many users are using it instead of the original WhatsApp application.

The best thing is, you can use GB WhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp Application because there is no need to uninstall or delete one to use another application.

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GBWhatsApp Download APK Information

GBWhatsApp APK Download
App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
Total Downloads95,000,000+
App size51.1MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeWhatsApp Extra Features
Last Updated9 Hour Ago

GBWhatsApp Download APK (Official Versions)

Features of GB WhatsApp

GB Whatsapp APK 2023 comes with lots of great features that attract users to use this instead of the official WhatsApp application because GBWhatsApp is packed with lots of great features which are not available on WhatsApp itself.

Here are all the features that you get inside the GB WhatsApp application:

Auto Reply: There is an Auto-reply feature available in GBWhatsApp APK that allows users to automatically reply when they want to reply to any of your contacts.

DND (Do-not-Disturb): GBWhatsApp offers DND features that avoid getting disturbed by WhatsApp messages when you are using any other application or watching videos, movies, or shows and you don’t want to get disturbed.

Text Messages Broadcast: Using GBWhatsApp, you can send broadcast messages to groups in a single click which is a great feature of this version of WhatsApp.

Anti-revoke Message: This application has an anti-revoke messages feature.

Share Live Locations: When using this application, you can send your live locations to your contacts so they can track where you are.

Send Maximum Pictures: Official WhatsApp only allows you to send 30 pictures at once, but this application allows you to send 90 pictures at once which is 3x than WhatsApp. Also, you can send up to 50 MB clips and 100 MB audio clips using GB WhatsApp APK.

Endless Themes: This customized version of WhatsApp has to offer endless themes and emojis which are missing in the official WhatsApp application.

Download Statuses: In the official WhatsApp, you can only view your contacts’ statuses but in GB WhatsApp, you can view as well as download them to save in your file manager. 

Amazing Font: You can customize the font of WhatsApp if you are using this customized version. You can choose any font available inside and use it.

Message History: This application allows you to check the history of revoked messages from your contacts and groups.

Alter Contacts: Alter the visibility of media for a particular contact in your phone’s gallery.

Mark the Unread Messages: You can mark the read messages from the notification itself.

Select all Chats: Using GB WhatsApp APK, you can select all charges at once from the home screen.

Hide your Status: You can hide your status from any particular contacts, including voice recording status.

Best Image Quality: GB WhatsApp does not compress your image, you can send high-resolution images using this application.

Log History: You can find and view the log history of all your contacts.

Language: You can use this in any language, all you need to do is select your language from all available languages. 

Notification: You can get a notification whenever any of your contacts list charges their profile picture. 

Pop-Up Notifications: You are allowed to high your popup notifications using GB WhatsApp APK. 


It requires an internet connectionWIFI Connection is recommended
Location of the deviceAccess to Gallery
Access to ContactsWIFI Connection is recommended
Device IdentityExternal Storage Access

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Comparison Whatsapp VS GBWhatsApp

Status Characters LengthUp to 255 CharactersUp to 139 Characters
Document Sharing at once10030
Media Sharing Size50 MB15 MB
Hide Last Seen
Status Downloading
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format
Send Black Messages
Change Theme

How to GBWhatsApp Download 2023?

GB WhatsApp APK is not available on the Google Play Store so downloading and installing this application is somehow tricky. There are some additional steps required to use this version of WhatsApp. But don’t worry, we have already made this easy for you by explaining step by step process below:

Before you begin the installation, you need to make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” from your Phone’s Settings. You can ensure that by going to Phone’s Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. If it is not already enabled then enable it.

  • Now you are ready to download and install GB WhatsApp APK, click on the download button on this page or just use this link to download this application file.
  • Once the downloading is completed, click on the file to initiate installation. It will take a few seconds to complete. 
  • After installation is completed, open the application and use your phone number to register. It will send a 6-digit OTP to verify your phone number.
  • After the verification, add your name and choose a profile picture.
  • Now all set, you are ready to use the GB WhatsApp version. Now you can send messages, pictures and post status through this application.

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How to Install GBWhatsApp for iPhone?

We have mentioned the steps to download and install GBWhatsApp on Android devices but some users use iPhones and looking for instructions to download and install this application for iPhones. Installing it on iPhone is a bit complicated and different from the process of installation on Android.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to download and use GB WhatsApp for iPhone device:

  • First of all, click on the download button on this page or just click this link here to download GB WhatsApp for iOS devices. 
  • Once the downloading is completed, open the file to Install it.
  • Press the install button to initiate the installation of this application.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • When it is installed and completed, launch the application. Now enter your mobile number and enter the 6-digit OTP to verify your mobile entry.
  • Then enter your full name and choose a profile picture. Now you are all set to send messages, images and chat with your contacts.

How to Update GBWhatsApp APK?

GB WhatsApp comes with regular updates to ensure that old bugs get fixed which were reported by the old version users. When a new version comes in, you surely want to update your GBWhatsApp but this is not available on the Google Play Store so updating this application needs a manual process.

Here are the complete steps that are needed to manually update this application:

  • First of all, uninstall the older version from your Android device. 
  • Now install the latest version by clicking the Download button here or just click on this link to download this application.
  • Once the downloading is completed, click on the file to start the installation. It will take a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • After the installation is completed, open the app from your App Library again log in with your phone number and verify it by entering OTP.
  • You’re all set and your GBWhatsApp has been updated successfully.

Backing Up GBWhatsApp

Backing up your chats in GBWhatsApp is the same as you do in the official version of the WhatsApp application. Backing up chats can store your all contacts chat and other information in a safe place so when you update or delete and install this application again, your same chats get back in the new app.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to back up your data on this application.

  • Open your GBWhatsApp application and install it on your device.
  • Click on the three dots, at the top right corner and then click on Settings.
  • Then click on the Chat Backup option on the next screen.
  • Click on the Backup to backup your information.

Privacy Control on GBWhatsApp

There is no need to be worried about privacy while using the GB WhatsApp application. Because there are plenty of features available in the app to protect users’ privacy. This is the same as what you got for Pivary in the official WhatsApp application.

Here are several privacy settings mentioned which are available in this application:

Being online

Double Tick


Settings of Microphone

Status of recording

Status of Typing

Message Scheduling

How To Uninstall GBWhatsApp APK?

For any reason, if you don’t want to use the application and want to uninstall it from your device then the process is completely the same as what you do to uninstall any application on your phone. Or, the same way you uninstall the WhatsApp application from your mobile.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to uninstall the GB WhatsApp APK from your mobile device:

  • Go to your Phone’s Settings and then go to Applications.
  • Find GBWhatsApp, and click on this.
  • You will get some options related to this application on the next screen.
  • Click on the Uninstall button to remove this application from your device.
  • All done, you have successfully uninstalled the application from your phone.

FAQs — GBWhatsApp APK Download

Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask about GB WhatsApp Download APK’s official version. We tried answering all the questions that people often ask, if your questions are not covered here then ask in the comments section:

What is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is a customized version of the official WhatsApp application that offers many additional features which are not available in the official version.

Is GBWhatsApp APK safe?

GB WhatsApp is completely safe and secure because it comes with regular updates to ensure that all bugs get fixed which were reported in the previous version. Many users are using this application for years and never experienced any problems.

Can GBWhatsApp work on iPhone?

Yes, GB WhatsApp APK is compatible with the iPhone device as well.

Do I need to root my phone for this app?

No, there is no need to root your device to install and use this application.

How can I update GBWhatsApp?

You can easily update the GBWhatsApp application by downloading and installing the latest version of the application from this page.

How can I GB WhatsApp Download & Install in Android?

GB WhatsApp APK is not available on Google Play because this is a modified version of the official application. But there are many external websites available that offer downloading and installing this mod version, and our website is the most trusted source.

You can download the file using the Download button on this page and then follow the installation guide to install the application on your mobile phone.

Can I use WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp together?

Yes, both the WhatsApp versions can work together at the same time.

Will my WhatsApp Account get banned if I use GBWhatsApp?

No, there is no chance of getting your WhatsApp account banned if you use this application. Even you can use both applications together.

Is GB WhatsApp legal?

Well, it is hard to say because this application is not available on the Google Play Store because it is a clone version of official WhatsApp with additional features. 


We have shared the complete information about the GBWhatsApp application — from installing, all its features, how to backup and everything that you need to know before installing it on your mobile device.

This version of WhatsApp is completely safe and secure because it comes with regular updates to ensure that bugs get fixed which were reported in the previous version by users themselves. Installing it is not as straightforward as you do for WhatsApp, we have mentioned some steps that are required to download and install it on your device.

GB WhatsApp works with Android devices and iOS both, you can use it on the computer and other Windows operating systems using Android Emulator software. If you have any query about this application then consider dropping it in the comments section.


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